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Retrofit Double Glazing in Dunedin

Local Glass is you local Retrofit Double Glazing Company.  We supply and install Retrofit Double Glazing within the Dunedin & Otago Region.  Double Glazing existing aluminium windows is a cost effective way to make your home healthier.

Retrofit Double Glazing   Retrofit Double Glazing Dunedin

Our team are retrofitting double glazing experts.  You will receive all the benefits of double glazing without compromising the structural integrity of your home and its existing joinery. 

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What is Retrofit Double Glazing? 

Retrofit Double Glazing is the process of replacing your existing aluminium windows with new double glazed windows, without changing your current window frames. 

Your existing aluminium window frames can be converted into double glazed windows.  With minimal changes to the appearance of your aluminium windows, you can experience the benefits of double glazing.

Retrofit Glazing makes it cheaper and easier to insulate your home or rental.  

Retrofit Double Glazing

What are Benefits of Retrofit Double Glazing? 

Retrofit double glazing is an effective way to insulate your home.  It reduces the amount of heat your home is losing through your glass windows, as well as offering significantly reduced noise.

Single glazed windows are the most significant source of heat loss in a home. The more glass surface area you have, the more heat you stand to lose. In a well-insulated home, approximately 51% of heat is lost through single-glazed windows.  However, heat loss through single glazed windows can be halved using double glazing.

In the Otago region, double glazing is particularly important to keep your home warm through the colder months. 

Retrofit Double Glazing Dunedin

How much does Retrofit Double Glazing Aluminium Windows cost? 

Retrofit double glazing costs can vary depending on joinery and window types.  A typical standard retrofit double glazing solution can cost between $600m2 - $800m2


Retrofitting an Aluminium Window

One of the most common questions we get is how do we retro fit double glazing into existing frames?

So we decided to do a video montage.

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